Stainless Steel Designer Dinner Set (51Pcs.)


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The Stainless Steel Designer Dinner Set (51Pcs.) is a complete and elegant dining solution for any occasion. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this dinner set offers durability and a sleek design that adds a touch of sophistication to your table. With a total of 51 pieces, it includes dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, and forks, providing ample servings for a large family or gathering. The variety of utensils and dishes cater to diverse dining needs, whether it’s a casual meal or a formal dinner party. The mirror finish on the stainless steel adds a shine that enhances the overall presentation of your meals.

Apart from being stylish, this dinner set is also easy to clean and maintain. The stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion, stains, and odors, making it suitable for everyday use. It is also dishwasher-safe, saving you time and effort in cleaning up after meals.


Each piece of the dinner set is meticulously designed for both functionality and aesthetics. The plates and bowls feature a deep shape for better food containment, while the glasses have an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. The spoons and forks have a balanced weight and a smooth texture that ensures a pleasant dining experience.

Upgrade your dining experience with the Stainless Steel Designer Dinner Set (51Pcs.), a versatile and exquisite set that combines functionality, durability, and elegance to make every meal a special occasion.


6 Pcs. Full Plates

6 Pcs. Quater Plates

6 Pcs. Bowl

6 Pcs. Sweet Bowl

3 Pcs. Dongas with dhakan

3 Pcs. Service Spoon

6 Pcs. Glass

1 Pc. Jug

1 Pc. Rice Plate

1 Pc. Rice Spoon

12 Pcs. Dinning Spoon

51 Pcs.Total


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