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So without any further ado, let’s dive right into the details of ed-tech companies in India.

What is an Ed-Tech Company?

An ed-tech company provides an online platform that offers an opportunity, tutors and learners. The platform aims to create a win-win situation for all. First comes the founder, who makes all the initial investments and does marketing to invite people to its ed-tech platform.

Teachers create a course, and students pay to get that education. When a transaction happens between student, and teacher a small commission fee goes to the platform provider.

Reason Why Ed-tech Companies in India is Growing So Fast

Simplilearn, an ed-tech company, recently crossed the net revenue of 500 crores in Q4 2021. Wondering, how do they make so much money?

The most basic reason why ed-tech companies in India are growing so fast is Covid-19. Since offline teaching was closed due to the lockdown, online learning has taken place, and ed-tech companies have taken full advantage of it.

Also, thanks to Jio, which makes the internet prices dirt-cheap allows users to consume more data in a day. Not to mention, smartphones became a real deal in this process since not everybody can afford laptops.

So, the reasons why ed-tech companies in India become so profitable is because:

  • Covid-19 and lockdown
  • Cheap internet rates
  • Learn from anywhere
  • Affordable courses
  • Easy accessibility

Benefits of Using Ed-tech Platforms

Learning from an online platform gives you lucrative benefits. How? We will explain.

The first and foremost benefit is pricing – the course price on the ed-tech platform is way more affordable. You don’t have to go anywhere to learn. The ed-tech medium gives you the flexibility to learn from home. Also, it saves cost on petrol and most importantly time.

Time flexibility is also a vital benefit you get.

If the platform is hosting a live class and you missed it, then you will get a recording later, so the hassle of asking others about the missing session is no more. Like everything is not perfect, the different ed-tech platforms have their own flaws. We will go into the details once we dive into the list of best ed-tech companies in India.

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